Jacinta Biography Heijmans

Jacinta Heijmans (Haarlem, 1948), is the daughter of the renowned figurative painter Eduard Heijmans (1912-1972), whose work can still be seen all over the world. Even though she learnt about art on her father's knee, as it were, (his colleagues, including the well-known artists Zadkine en Anton Heijboer were regular visitors to their home), Heijmans was self-taught and did not begin painting until later in life.

Since then, Heijmans' work has achieved international acclaim with the brightly coloured dreamlike, phantasmagoric figures so typical of her canvasses and iron sculptures. Their raw, rampant forms are symbolic of fertility, birth, growth, creation and connectedness. Joy of living is intriguingly mixed with mystery to provide a magical theatrical display.

"In Jacinta Heijmans’ world we are carried away by a roving fantasy which invokes dancing forms in shimmering colours; which conjures up a world of archetypal, ancient fairy-tales, tales from a thousand and one nights, biblical miracles and remote, an alien world full of magical forces."

Nico van der Endt, Gallery Hamer

"Jacinta Heijmans creates freely and ostensibly off the cuff. Her favourite themes are scenes of post-modern life in great capital cities at least ten times larger than Amsterdam, which she paints in often vivid neon colours. Yet her imagery is not bare or obscure, but tends rather towards the surreal, thus provide a bottomless well for the collective unconscious.Besides her complete lack of inhibition, her childlike dramatics and her cheerful irony, Jacinta Heijmans seems magnificently able to keep the great post-modern void at a suitably graceful distance with her ‘psychedelic’ scenes, slightly reminiscent of cartoon films. In her new series De Ark van Noach (Noah’s Ark), she appears to be taking a new avenue. Her works are more layered, her paint more transparent, and the artist apparently allows herself to be led more by external influences such as different cultures and stories from ancient times. Imperceptibly and unexpectedly, Jacinta Heijmans is on the way to creating her own universe. Her paintings are vehicles for the soul. Compulsory fare for all shamans under training!"

George Moormann, poët and publisher, De Zingende Zaag

"Her paintings refuse to be put into any art-historical context. They arise from her very personal need for self-expression, regardless of the trends and styles determining the current debate on the plastic arts in the Netherlands."

The architect Cees Dam

"I can see a leaning towards surrealism and a strong need for dynamics: an intensity created by both her form and her colours. I say surrealism because Heijmans converts impressions from the subconscious to a new reality; because she combines the fantastic with the real, and these depictions are indirectly related to human emotions, passions and fears."

Author and producer Milo Anstadt